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If you want to promote your business, products, services, events, films, songs, garments or something else on various networks through Video Marketing then you are at the right place. Onlineseocompany offers an incomparable distribution of media services which suits your needs and you will get 100% result from our services. Our services will heighten large volume of traffic to your website and make possible presence in search engines. Onlineseocompany video marketing & uploading services and art of designing videos increase your sales significantly and highlight your services and product in web and you get rightful spectators to your website.

Suppose you create best videos which represent your products and services you never get targeted traffic until you submit it in right category. Our Video Distribution very helpful for you and we get your business on the sky.

Through Video Submission you get high quality links and relevant traffic to your site. Onlineseocompany Video Distribution and Services are like one-stop shop where you can find everything, we offer following services in our package:

  • we promote your website.
  • Promotion of your product and services.
  • Driving traffic to the site.
  • divert relevant traffic.
  • Make your website friendly with other website by linking them.

 Key features of Onlineseocompany Video Marketing & Uploading Services:

  • We upload your videos on top networks

  • Our team is very efficient and hard working, they distribute your videos on various networks

  • Onlineseocompany do its Video Submission manually, donít use automotive tools for submission.

  • We make PPTs and upload on various websites.

  • We select suitable categories for Video Submission

  • Our team is expert in Video Submission and they know about categories selection.

  • Onlineseocompany review all media before uploading and make it correct if there is any mistake in.

  • Our team upload direct and get URL or Embed code submission for sharing to other video sites.

  • Our team follow submission guidelines completely

  • We create an account; sing in, in Video Submission websites.

 Main advantages of video promotion & submission services:

  • We sketch excellent imaginary image in users mind through our videos.

  • We make possible presence of your website in search engines.

  • You get high quality links through video uploading services.

  • Onlineseocompany Video Submission services generate traffic to site.

  • We introduce your product and services amid targeted public.

  • We submit appealing videos which attract viewers and they become member of your website.

  • We also submit your Videos on highest social website.

  • Our services enhance traffic to your site in dramatically way.

  • We do deep Video Submission, mean we concentrate on all web pages and select best keywords which make your site stronger in all major search engines.


  • 1. What strategy you follow for Video Marketing?
    A. First we optimize your website and keywords deeply, and then we concentrate on your products and services and submit videos on various high quality Video Submission sites & 2.0 web properties. Our Video Submission services enhance your visibility in search engines. Our good will includes 7 social bookmarks and 4 directory links permanent for each of your landing pages.

  • 2. on which websites you upload my video, is they have high PR?
    A. Yes obviously we submit your videos on best Video sharing website and they must have high PR.

  • 3. Which kind of tools you use for my Video Submission?
    A. Onlineseocompany do itís Submission 100% manually without using any software, because softwares damage the quality of Videos, and Videos lose its originality.

  • 4. Will you provide me full report of work done with user name & passwords of Videos Distribution sites?
    A. Onlineseocompany provide detailed report of every submission which includes following phrases:

    • Date of Video submission
    • Website name on which submitted
    • ID & passwords of account which We create for your submission
    • PR of website
    • Links which we made through Video submission

  • 5. Does my videos link get indexed by Google or not?
    A. yes off course all your Video links and videos which we submit, indexed in Google.

  • 6. Will you do Video Submission by using multiple classes IPs?
    A. Yes we use multiple classes IPs network for our Video submission on various websites. Theses IPs secure our Videos from spamming and help us to submit our video in bulk.

  • 7. What is the guarantee of rate approval?
    A. we can give you an assurance of approval rate, Onlineseocompany offer 95% approval rate to their customers.

  Video Service Packages

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Package Name Total no. of Distribution Duration (Days) No. of Reports Price Order
26 11
1 $48  
51 21
2 $88  
101 41
4 $148  
*VDSs:Video Distribution Submission service

  Video Marketing & Uploading Services which is guaranteed distribution of your videos

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Package Name Total no. of Video Distribution PLD ListingSBM Submission Duration (Days) Price Order
VDSs &
26 126126 16
VDSs &
51 251 251 31
VDSs &
101 5001501 61
*VDS : Video Distribution Service *LB : Link Building