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Squidoo Lens Building with Promotion

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Onlineseocompany help you to achieve ranking for your website through Squidoo Lens building . You get desired results for your website through our quality services.

What is Squidoo Lens building ?

Squidoo lens is like a page which we create on squidoo for our website promotion. If you want to create squidoo lens then it is necessary that you have full information about it, and how it works. In Squidoo we use tags for categorizing the user with their page or lens and this called lenses.

All lenses created by users are attached with tag page and then we link it for same tags which we have used before. This automatic system of link generating through squidoo lens. Through this process you get high PR for your squidoo page because different users link to your page by tagging it.

Squidoo lens links are very useful and highly precious for your website because itís kind of natural link building and Google love these links and those websites which have natural links. We all know that we create links from authorized sites which are better than links which we get from unauthorized websites. Squidoo lens is new one of the major authorized website and it helps in climbing to top position for your website.

Authorized websites are trustful online websites that allow users to discuss online on given topic and thus other sites which are linked with them, because of their power of credibility. Search engines noticed links that comes from authorized websites and increase your website PR in dramatically way.

 Key Features

  • Squidoo lens is hot favorite of major searching engines like yahoo, MSN, Google and Bing because it help you to indexed your websites pages in search engines for your most competitive keywords.

  • By joining squidoo groups you can increase visibility your squidoo pages because this will produce additional links from other squidoo lenses and intensify your search rankings in search engines.

  • You can gain more profit through Squidoo lens because it is most popular and highly visited website having high PR.

  • We create 500 word articles for you on Squidoo lens by adding image which suits your topic most and other three to five modules behind the article link, you can include more features in it which representive your product or services.

  • Our Squidoo lens service improve your website visibility in timely manner and promote your website in all major search engines including Yahoo, Bing, MSN, Alexa and Google etc.

  • Onlineseocompany Squidoo Lens building services increase your sales significantly because these types of online authorized websites increase your sales generation.

  • After creation of your lens we will do social bookmarking to promote your lens in top social bookmarking websites.

  • Including, rare article directory sites allow the users to link their article with their Squidoo page lens from author box. Thatís why you can promote your affiliation links for marketing and promotion by content marketing. You can call this a technique of promotion. Rarely article sites donít allow user to use affiliation link in author box.

  • Onlineseocompany services increase traffic to your Squidoo page, so that youíll get high rank of Squidoo Lens Page and also a high volume of Backlinks from different locations.


  • 1. Who will create Squidoo Lens for me?
    A. our professional writers will create fresh and different lenses for customer.

  • 2. What will be the strength of my lens?
    A. we will write 500 words article for your lens with guarantee that our article will be unique and copyscape passed. We add relevant images in your lens which suits your product or services most.

  • 3. Whatís the minimum density of Keywords you allowed in each Lens?
    A. We allowed at least eight to ten key phrases for one lens.

  • 4. What about the rights Lens? Can I own it after completing the work?
    A. yes obviously you will be the owner of your Lens after the work has been done, we submit Lens to you so you can access it. You can design your LENS according to your choice and even you can make changes in it.

 Squidoo Lens building Packages

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Packages Name Total no. of Bookmarkings Duration (Days) No. of Reports Price Order
SLC 125 7
1 $125  
*SLC : Squidoo Lense Creation