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Onlineseocompany Reselling Programs

Onlineseocompany Reselling Programs:

Are you finding the profitable online business opportunities? Then you are at the right place. Onlineseocompany Reselling Programs design a best opportunity for business owners and resellers. You can take great advantage from our program by participating; this will helps you to construct your entire background in S.E.O Business.

At our Reselling Programs, anyone can apply, no any special skills required, just familiarity with Market Structure is necessary. You will do marketing of Onlineseocompany Service and we look after of each and everything includes the procedure of orders which you get through marketing effort.

Onlineseocompany bring you 100% trusted solutions, where you値l sell out our services by making it your brand name and Customers will get each report in your brand labels.

You値l receive a unique design of Reselling website and your site will be the source of selling out our services, through this website you can introduce our service in Internet World. We値l supply all work to you at flexible prices with great discount.

Our Reselling Programs is Beneficial for everyone:

Onlineseocompany Reselling Programs is suitable to the following:
  • S.E.O Companies
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Online Agencies
  • Web-Masters
  • All web developer and designers who want to introduce their services and talent to the customers.
Our Reselling Programs is beneficial for everyone who is confident, motivated and want to earn money online. This golden opportunity is suitable for individuals, groups, even running companies & web marketing online agencies.

Top Advantages of Onlineseocompany Reselling Programs

  • Top Advantages of Onlineseocompany Reselling Programs
  • 100% trusted Reselling Programs that permit you for selling our services by covering it with your brand logo. Trusted label reselling programs allows user to make an order simply to your site by reselling site which we have created for you and reports will be received with the brand name of your company.
  • You have right to make profit. You can freely decide about the prices which you壇 offer for service to the customers, we値l not interrupt.
  • You値l receive 30% discount at each service except Complete Link Building Solution, for this you値l receive 10% discount.
  • Sell any product by selecting any currencies because we give you multiple currencies options.
  • 100% guarantee of customer痴 privacy.
  • All control is at your site. You will make communication with all your customers inside your site with your own brand name.
  • Just pay little and go with your business, no big investment is required.

Backside feature`s system of our Reselling website

When you値l apply in our Reselling Programs, we値l make bona fide backside system though you can run initial business, like in the sufficient & hurdle free way. Onlineseocompany Reselling backside system includes these main functions listed below:

  • E-mail customizing function which will moderate E-mail corresponding along each order which is placed.
  • Gives you advantage to select any service which you壇 want sell.
  • Review full lists of order.
  • Customers managing system.
  • Order management
  • Pricing managing system, you can label your selected price.
  • Multiple currencies option.
  • Integrating payment system.
  • Offer managing system, like coupons code creation.
  • Customizing reports of services which includes feels &looks of each report created by you.
  • You can select alert for the communication of customers.
  • Services plan customizing, in which you can select own names of plans and will add descriptions for each of them.
  • Searching features for orders.
  • Choice of reviewing an invoice of customers.
  • Choice of reviewing the details of orders.
  • Credits status checking system.
  • 3 defaulted at your Reselling site: (1) Moneybooker, (2) Paypal, Integration to payment system will be made on demand with reseller payment account.

Cost of our Reselling Programs

At the starting of S.E.O business, you need to invest little amount is 1500$ that include your Reselling website, PSD to HTML conversions, shopping carts integrations, contents for initial site and Frontside &Backside control panels system.

We offer following services in our entire cost which mentioned above

  • Shopping carts integrations, our professional PHP experts integrating shopping carts and performs other duties through reselling site.
  • Shopping carts integration done as trusted Reselling models where you値l get direct payment, paid by customer and Onlineseocompany get all information of orders.
  • Our experienced designers design an antique Reselling site including 12 pages, one page for Home and other 11 are inner pages like sign-up, sign-in, C.C.P (Customers Control Panel) and more.
  • Content of reselling site will be writing by qualified, genuine composers. (Approximately 6500 words).
  • Before giving the reseller complete site to you we will across the complete site from many testing phases and will check all notifications, error and forms.

Are you charge any extra charges except initial fee?

Never, just 1 time payment at the start 1500$. This amount is deducted from your account when you receive order of customer.

How much time will take this setup?

Initial procedure takes at- least 20 to 30 day, it will depend that how quick you give response during designing procedure at designs approval.

What inside features of Reselling site includes?

Reselling Frontside System: Here is the place where the details of services shown and customers can place the order.

User`s control panel: This panel will be used for you to communicate with your user`s on site before or after purchasing and also include a management of invoice viewing.

Reselling Backside System: Here you can control Reselling functions. You値l select service which you want to sell, price of that service, customers tracing. For more details about all functionalities kindly visit Reselling site Backside system feature.

How Onlineseocompany Reselling Programs works?

Onlineseocompany made hurdle free Reselling Solutions. After completion the Reselling site, includes Frontside& backside set-up system, shopping carts integrations, go along the given entire set-up.

Initially Set-up
  • Just do the initial settings for configuring setup (inside reselling configuration) such as URL of site, E-mail address to make contact with your users and will receive that in email format.
  • You値l sign-in in the Reselling user-panel in which you can label prices of service & plans according to your choice.
  • You can select payment method or process which you want.
  • Modify reports according to your customer wish which they will receive.
By following these friendly methods you become able for selling the services of Onlineseocompany thorough reselling website. When you値l receive order from the customer by our reselling site then you値l also receive full payment which paid by customer and that order comes to our side. Suppose if you致e sufficient balance in account the order of customer will auto processed.

If reselling account will empty or in-sufficient balance then be what will be the result?

No needs to tensed, you still get payments from the customer and they値l also able at filling form requirement. Lack of amount in reselling account doesn稚 effect to orders process. Whatever, each order will stop or freeze in the Reselling account. All E-mail notifications send by us about the status of your balance. When you値l recharge your account of Reselling, all stop or freeze orders become processed.

Can I label price tag for Onlineseocompany service according to my choice?

Why not sure, you値l be allowed for labeling prices on our service. You had right about price fixing. You can sell our service at your decided rate.

Does customer will know that Onlineseocompany is working backend as a real services provider?

Of course not, customers at your side will never know about Onlineseocompany services by ordering any product to your site. Our rules and policies are very tight and tough for reseller program. Now addition to this we sign N.D.A (Non Disclosure Agreement) to make it effective.

Will you integrate website that already exists?

Why not, our integration service is available for any type of website, even the exits one.

What about hosting requirement of reselling site?

  • Apache Latest Version (Linux Server)
  • Mod rewrite function.
  • PHP 5.2.0 (or greater)

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