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Search Engine Rank Tracking/ Analysis Service

Know the position of your website in 150 Search Engine results.

Website owners who use their website or websites as one of their important marketing strategies will be preoccupied with their website’s ranking in the popular search engines. Some of the website owners will not worry too much about their rankings and they only keep themselves informed of the status of their website’s ranking. However, this is not the case with the majority of the webmasters. They use their website ranking as an important parameter to measure their success or failure of their marketing efforts.

There are different ways of checking your website’s ranking. You can choose to check the ranking manually by entering keywords in the search area of the desired search engine. This may not be an efficient way of rank tracking especially if you have a host of websites. You will not be able to manually check the rankings of hundreds or thousands of websites that you own. There are a number of disadvantages in checking the rank manually you will be able to overcome these disadvantages by using our Rank Checking Service.

Keep yourself abreast of your web rankings.

You will be able to infer a lot of useful information that can help you modify your online marketing approach if required. If your website exhibits unstable rankings for certain keywords then you must consider increasing your website’s visibility through PPC. This is just to supplement the weak traffic that is generated through organic searches.

At times, you will notice that some of your keywords that were in good position have drop down drastically without any warning. If this should happen to your website and if the condition does not improve for a long time then you can infer that you have got a strong competitor to fight against. A shrewd webmaster will keep a tab on these changes so that they can mend the situation in time to avoid any serious financial damage. If you do not keep track of such crucial changes you will certainly not be able to protect yourself from loss. However, in reality it may not be possible for you to keep track of these changes on daily basis.

You can easily think of many other situations like the above one that can be potentially harmful. So to have a successful website the site rankings should be closely monitored. As a very time sensitive issue, you must get all additional help that you can. OnlineSeoCompany Rank Checking Service will relieve you from the daily anxiety and will keep track of your sites ranking in the famous search engines on your behalf.

 Key Features

  • Keep track of your websites ranking for 5 unique keywords or keyword phrases.

  • Comprehensive ranking report for 150 search engines.

  • You can choose to get weekly, bi-monthly or monthly report.

  • Download sample report, click here.

    Also multilingual rank tracking available for Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian search engine. For other language rank tracking contact us at [email protected]

  • Get three different types of report.

Price Only $10 per month.