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500 One Way Permanent Links Services.

Onlineseocompany is known by its super high quality services. We are state-of-the-art in search engines and want to expand our services in all over the world. We wish to invent and introduce new methods of link building to our customers. In our latest package we offer 500 high quality links from high PR directories. We are sure that our package service will definitely help you to get more traffic and make your website friendly with all major search engines.

 Main features of 500 One Way Permanent Links:

  • Onlineseocompany offer exceedingly high quality services to our customers through this package in affordable rate.

  • We only concentrate on high quality links because we want increase your website ROI thorough our services.

  • We have our own network of 500 high PR directories.

  • The links which you get must be permanent and do follow.

  • We submit all websites on out network of 500 Directories.

  • Once the work has been done we send detailed report to you.

  • We offer you to add 10 titles and 10 description of your site for submission. We use different high class IPs for submission.

  • You get 2 options in our link building service; one is speedy link building and second is leisurely link building. Activation of all links (500) in 8 days is speedy link building while activation of links in 11 weeks is leisurely link building. We favorably suggest leisurely link building.

  • Each link costs you only $0.49, the best offer on the internet.


  • 1. Is your services affected to my website?
    A. you gain more profit thorough our this service because we only provide one way links and we believe that quality gives way to quantity. So our services are highly affected to your website. Search engines likeís relevant links especially permanent directory links.

  • 2. What do you mean by permanent directory links?
    A. permanent links are those links which support your website to stand together with your competitors. Therefore we offer this submission services, all directories have PR 0 to 4. We offer you to add 10 titles and 10 description of your site for submission.

  • 3. What is the differentiate between Directory Submissions Services and Permanent link Directories?
    A. Both services are totally different from each other, here are the details of both submissions:

    Directory Submission Services: in this service services we submit your website on web directories and we donít own those directories, therefore no any guarantee of link approving.

    Permanent links from Directories: it is our own network of 500direcotries and we provide approved links of directory submission to our clients.

    In our Manual Directory Submission Service , we just do submissions on directories but getting links approved depend on site owner and while by using our One Way Permanent Links Services you get complete links approved and we give you assurance about it

  • 4. What is the benefit of Onlineseocompany services?
    A. we not provide just services but we provide high quality services and our services speak itself s and this make us different from other companies. We know that each link is very precious for your website and your website popularity depend on the links.

  • 5. Will you use IPs for submission?
    A. yes we use high class unique IPs for submission stretched about 60+ , no any company offer this type of link submission. As well as our experts prepare detailed report once work has been done.

  One Way Permanent Links Service Packages

View detailed comparison View detailed explanation
Package Name Total no. of links Duration (Days) No. of Reports Price Order
500 10 1 $249  
400 10 1 $199  
PDS (Fast)
250 10 1 $149  
*PDSs : Permanent Directory Submissions service

  Seo Friendly Slow One Way Permanent Links Services Packages

View detailed comparisons View detailed explanation
Package Name Total no. of Links Duration (Days) No. of Reports Price Order
500 75 5 $249  
400 60 4 $199  
PDSs (Slow)
250 30 5 $149  
*PDSs : Permanent Directory Submission service