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Video Creation | Online Video Marketing Service

 Video as Engagement Object to boost your Search Engine Ranking

  • Videos are also called Engagement Objects in SEO.

  • Google considers video to be a valuable engagement object that enhances user experience.

  • Videos embedded with targeted keywords can increase your search engine rankings

  • Google can actually recognize keywords even in the voiceover audio of videos. Google has implemented speech recognition technolgoy, which translates the audio into text and provides automated captioning. Checkout Youtube's technology called "Transcribe Audio"; this feature can also convert voice audio to captions.

Do you know that Google video, Yahoo video, YouTube, metacafe are the most famous video sharing website receiving the highest number of visitors everyday? Yes, statistics say that internet users spend a lot of time viewing and sharing online video. You can now take advantage of this trend to increase your sales and to improve your brand popularity. OnlineSeoCompany offers premium quality video creation service.

Researches also prove that memory retention is tripled when the information shared engages more than one sense organ. With the videos we create for your products and services you will be able to feed the visual, and auditory senses. This will certainly improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

OnlineSeoCompany creates very professional videos based on customer specifications. We have an experienced team of creative video creation professionals that will create interesting videos to market your brand. All the videos created are suitable for web use, optimized for fast loading. This will minimize the time taken to play each video online. Today video marketing is the top-rated marketing strategy because it is very powerful in convincing the target audience.

You do not have to struggle anymore with 'Do-it-yourself' video creation tools. You do not have to worry about the quality of the videos that represent your brand online. OnlineSeoCompany helps customers improve their brand identity with premium quality videos.

All the videos that are created are subjected to strict quality control checks so that you get the best quality videos. If you have any questions on our video creation service, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Sample Videos

 Special Features Of OnlineSeoCompany Video Creation Service

  • Highly experienced team of experts is engaged to create your marketing videos.

  • Professional quality videos.

  • We deal with all niches and all types of videos

  • OnlineSeoCompany delivers niche related videos produced at professional standards.

  • All the videos we create are suitable for web use. Your promotional videos will be short and highly interesting to ensure that it attracts the highest level of visitor traffic.

  • We create videos that are 45 seconds to 300 seconds long.

  • Unique video content that matches keywords given by the customers.

  • OnlineSeoCompany video creation service offers complete video creation solutions.

  • You own the videos 100% and are free to distribute your videos anywhere you like.

  • We source music and pictures based on the nature of your visitor traffic including age and other demographic data.

  • Most reliable customer service. Your queries and concerns are addressed within 24 hours.

  • Fastest turnaround time on the video creation service.

  • Cheapest prices. You can save a considerable amount of money by choosing OnlineSeoCompany video creation service.

 Benefits of Using Our Video Creation Service:

  • You can showcase your products and services to your consumers in the most effective way.

  • As you completely own the video, you can share your videos in any number of networks to attain the required level of online visibility.

  • Our video creation service is much more effective than all known print marketing strategies.

  • You can retain visitors on your website for a longer duration with professionally created, impressive motion graphic videos.

  • With our videos, your target audience will be able to identify themselves with your products at experiential and emotional levels.

  • Video creation is certainly the best way to sell an idea, pitch your target audience, sell your products online and to get your message across in the most engaging and entertaining way possible.

  • Our video creation service is suitable for all niches, products and services. The videos can be used for both online and offline video presentations. You can present your brand in a very professional way by using our video creation service.

  • Our videos will prompt the users to take action and to make buying decisions that are favorable to your brand. You can also generate very prospective leads by prompting the viewers to provide you with their name and email address. You can send detailed information about your products and services to your viewers who opt-in for further information about your products or services after watching the videos.


  • 1. What is the importance of Video in SEO?
    A. It is a known fact that Google video, Yahoo video, YouTube and Metecafe are some of the most popular websites on the internet. So it is highly sensible to make the best use of this platform. Moreover, search engines offer top listings for videos for important keywords and search terms. Websites with videos also enjoy good ranking for local searches.

  • 2. How can your video creation website help my website?
    A. Our Video Creation Service is designed to help your website improve its online reputation by creating stunning videos. Lot of targeted traffic will be sent to your website when you distribute these videos in top video sharing networks.

  • 3. How Will Your Video Creation Service Benefit My Business?
    A. Our video creation service will prompt your target audience to take immediate action. You will be able to enjoy direct measurable results.

  • 4. Do you create niche specific videos?
    A. Yes, all the videos we create are niche specific.

  • 5. What type of videos will you create?
    A. We create all types of videos. We meet your specifications in every possible way. We have an experienced video creation team that specializes in creating videos for online promotional needs. All the videos created are in normal graphic format with or without voice over as per your requirements. We use the state-of-the-art technology in video creation.

  • 6. What will be the duration of each video?
    A. The minimum duration of the videos will be 45 seconds and the maximum duration will be 300 seconds. We also offer customized video creation packages to meet your specific requirements. You just need to write to our support team on your custom video creation requirements.

  • 7. Do I need to write the script for the Videos?
    A. No. You need not write the script for your videos. Our professional scriptwriters will write all the scripts required for your videos.

  • 8. Will you send the video script to me for approval before video creation?
    A. Yes. Before writing the script, our writers will make a thorough research on your products or services to create interesting and relevant script for your videos. We will send you the script for your approval.

  • 9. Do you offer reliable customer service?
    A. Yes. We offer very dependable customer service. You can get in touch with us any time through phone, email or through live chat support available on the website. We offer 24x7 support to our customers. We endeavor to respond to all customer queries within 24 hours.

  • 10. Does it include Video submission?
    A.Yes. We also provide the video submission service to promote your video online. You can select the video submission package as per your need.

  Video Creation Service Packages

Video Creation-1
Video Duration : 45-60 Seconds
Options Included : Check Here
  • Animation [ Logo/Text/motiongraphics ].
  • General Background Sound/Music.
  • Video Format - mp4/mov/flv/avi/wmv.
  • HD Quality Video.
  • Logo-style watermark for better brand recall
  • Professional Video Editing.
  • Email Support.
  • Phone Support, Live Support.
Video Creation-2
Video Duration : 90-120 Seconds
Options Included :Check Here
Video Creation-3
Video Duration : 150-180 Seconds
Options Included :Check Here
Video Creation-4
Video Duration : 210-240 Seconds
Options Included :Check Here
Video Creation-5
Video Duration : 270-300 Seconds
Options Included :Check Here