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Are your services beneficial for our business?

Onlineseocompany is different from other companies and we know everything what we promise in our services. Our high quality services meet your business requirements and we spend our full time with concentration as much as needed. Our proficient team handle your project in god way and no need to worry about results, we can assure you about quality results. Our designing services are everlasting which attract the users and we sketch brief detail about your business thorough our designing skills, which increase real traffic to your website.

We are professional graphic designer and will able to create a beautiful LOGO for your Company, we will make it attractive and in professional way because LOGO play an important role in Company or in SITE. If it sounds good then it will help to attract the people and make your site user friendly. We use Illustrator to create our logos and will save the final logo in formats of the client’s choice as well as sending them the original illustrator file. We have lots of experience producing high quality, ready to print designs and believe we can use this knowledge to produce the high quality and professional logo design you require.

How you get profit by our service?

If your clients need LOGO services then we will deliver you super quality Online Logo designing service to your clients and make them satisfy.

We can assure you about our quality work:

Nobody take risk on performance of their work. Onlineseocompany has one specialty in services especially in online Logo designing that we never depend on one or more than one designer as other service providers do and for this we get more talented and creative work from new and professional designers because LOGO is the symbol of your business. We distribute each project in 3 to 6 designers. Logo has a lot of importance in any website, if it sounds good then it attract the viewers.

Onlineseocompany respect deadlines:

We meet all your requirements and deadlines, even you have tough deadline, but we are able to complete our work on given time period with 100% quality work. We know that time is very precious so it is our rule that “we do not wait for a right time but we take a time and make it right/useful”. After selecting the package you need to send us details including your company name and other information etc. our experts will prepare beautiful logo in just 2 days.

Onlineseocompany offer unique and professional logo for our customers at just 49$. We do not compromise on our work quality and we try to satisfy our clients with our restless services.

No one can give guarantee of their designing work, and hiring these types of companies is very harmful for your business because services is difficult to predict, either it’s good or not. At Onlineseocompany you receive guarantee of high quality work with an assurance that we verify our work form you before to give it final touch. If you want any changes in it then send us edited copy so we will make it perfect accordingly. Strongly aware about our work and we provide splendid logo for customer website so that our customers can be pleased with our work.

Our customers’ satisfaction and success is our services achievement:

We promise to deliver quality work and we feel lucky when we look back on glorious work history. We done so many project and made unique logo designs. Contact us freely if you want everlasting work which speaks itself.

 Key Features

  • Professional and highly qualified designers

  • Dedicated services.

  • Many logos are available for printing.

  • No clipart log, just custom design

  • High quality services in highly flexible rate

  • Trusty customer centre services 24 /7 and free Phone & E-mail support

Log design work procedure:

  • Number 1: choose package of logo design which suits your needs.
  • Number 2: then fill our form and provide detailed information.
  • Number 3: write review and provide feedback on our custom logo designed.
  • Number 4: provide feedback and reviews on logo revision.
  • Number 5: finally get your logo.

Which kind of Logo formats you can provide:

Onlineseocompany provide logo in different formats some of them are as under:

Format E.P.S:

Advantage of format EPS is that we can resize our Logos, beside the pixel quality will remain same and high. It’s like vector picture. For future work we would like to have this file for making changes for you.

Format E.P.S is used for this procedure.

  • Packaging
  • Business and Stationery cards.
  • Bill boards and Signs
  • Flyers and Brochures.
  • Advertisement (Ads)
  • Post card and Direct marketing
  • Four wheel graphics
  • Silk screen and Embroidered
  • Any M.S Office Program.

Picture (JPG) and Animation (Gif) Format:

We prepare Logo in jpeg for your web because its suitable Format Globally used. Pixels of the picture in JPG Format are lower as compare to EPS Format. Making enhancement in the file of JPG will lose its quality and also will disturb the printing with this format. We try to deliver you all globally used format, which include GIF too so that you can use on your site.

We use GIF & JPG format for various use:

  • Any M.S Office Program
  • E-mail Advertising
  • E-mail Signatures
  • World Wide Web Marketing
  • HTTP Sites

Format Tiff:

We provide logo in Tiff format if customers need it for transferring various digital pictures among different applications. Tiff is endeavor format which is best for actual needs of printing.

We use the Format TIFF for following:

  • MS word
  • MS excel
  • MS PowerPoint
  • MS Outlooks

Format Bmp:

This format is very rare because its only can view in windows and doesn’t use in professional work but easily changeable. Pixels are limited so cant enlarge it for printing.