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Link Wheels Services

Onlineseocompany team helping you to boosting your website ranking in search engines.

Link Wheels is a set six web 2.0 properties interlinked in a wheel structure, all promoting a page on the web which is focus of that particular "Wheel". Use of Link Wheel strategy can bring some serious Google domination implications. For keywords with lower competition you could easily take over the front page of Google.

In this modern world of search engines, Link Wheels are used as BUZZWORD to sites for any link building services. Link wheel is the one and the only way which helps you to make your website favorite for Google because it is the natural way of getting quality one way links.

Every one doesn’t have full knowledge about link wheel because it needs professional practical research work. So if you don’t have enough knowledge about Link Wheel and about its services and looking for someone to help you for getting link from Link Wheels, then you are at the right place. Onlineseocompany team helps you to achieve your goal and assist you step by step.

Our professional workers always ready to work for you and you get excellent results from our services. We increase your website SERPs in very short time through our authentic strategies because we have an extensive experience in this Industry with proven track record and we helped many clients to get high ranking fir their websites dramatically.

Link Wheels is the latest way to create quality natural links for your website. Many people prefer Links Wheel service because it makes your website search engines friendly and all search engines heartily like those websites which use Link Wheel and have natural links. Where ever, many links of the link wheel are able to make dual links for your site.

“Procedure of Link Wheels Work:

Link wheels have no value itself but it’s a number of individuals collectively links which are connected with each other in reciprocal manner. This complete procedure helps your site to rank on search engines with huge traffic. Suppose more than 50 sites are linking to your site with process of link wheels, and targeting your site which is (, then:
Domain A link to domain B and backs to “”
Domain B link to domain C and backs to “”
Domain C link to domain D and backs to “”
Domain D link to domain E and backs to “”
Domain N link to domain O and backs to “”
Domain O link to domain A and backs to “”

 Key Features

  • We offer quality services of links wheel at our affordable package.

  • Our submission services submit your website to 2.0 web Properties which have PR 3 to 8.

  • When our customer approval then we submits the content generated.

  • Our experts promote your all pages, including inner pages and home page.

  • We only submit your submit your website on high PR sites which have do follow attribute.


  • 1. What is meant by 2.0 web properties??
    A. A. The word web properties is just a page of web and 2.0 web is an interacting place where the users are allowed to express their thoughts easily with others, variety of tools in that site on internet is called 2.0 web properties. Now a day’s 2.0 web can be seen in many faces such as social networking, blogs, youtube, flicker, facebook site. Where our basic is interest on 2.0 web properties is to create a page of user on this type of sites.

  • 2. Is 2.0 web properties beneficial for link creation?
    A. By using 2.0 web properties we are able to create profiles and article pages for our self so that we can link back them to our customer sites. The important point of creating pages in 2.0 web properties is the page should be relevant to your theme site. The links that are not relevant to your site is useless comparing the links that are relevant and comes from content relevant sites. By creating page in 2.0 web which has high PR helps to potentially rise the link of our page. Associate with S.EO, your 2.0 web pages will show result according to your expectations in searching engines. After months, your site will have a PR, and this will also expand the quality of link wheels.

  • 3. What is the procedure of Onlineseocompany links wheel service?
    A. When customers purchase our package, then our dedicated team will start work on your project. Through our system of project management customer can access all their projects. Customers will be updated about the progress of their orders by tool of project management.

  • 4. How much time it takes for showing result?
    A. It will depend on package selection, if customer select large package then they will get quick results in short time, while in general package they’ll get ranking between 2 to 6 weeks. Result will be depending on your keywords competiveness.

  • 5.Onlineseocompany links wheel service is secure or not?
    A. Yes 100%, anyone can purchase our Best Services of Link Wheel, we can give an assurance about our services and we concentrate on quality links by following Google guidelines.

  • 6. Can you give me surety about investment which I invest on this service of links wheel?
    A. Yes, we can assure you about your investment, our monetizing services build high quality do-follow links for you. Content creation done by our professional S.E.O authors with guarantee that the content will be 100% unique and fresh.

  • 7. Which kind of payments methods accepted by you?
    A. Each payment which paid thorough PayPal & Moneybookers will be accepted.

  • 8. Will you create natural links?
    A. Links which will be created from our Onlineseocompany team members are natural links. We always assure the links which are submitted on sites are hosted in other DNS or servers. We create contents on regular basis. We do this process of linking to get natural back links.

  • 9. Content which created by you is unique or not?
    A. Yes, we can assure you about our content writing services. All content written by our genuine authors 100% unique & fresh. For your satisfaction we’ll verify each article from you before submission.

  • 10. Can I get links wheel service thorough other packages offered by Onlineseocompany?
    A. Yes why not, by comparing links wheel service with another packages offered by us, you get miraculous result.

  • 11. Can you target inside pages of customer site?
    A. Obviously, you’ll allow selecting multiple URLs of your site, and we target each page of your site including all inside pages.

 Links Wheel Package

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Package Name No. of
Duration (Days) No. of Properties Reports Price Order
LW-5 700
LW-4 560
LW-3 420
LW-2 280
LW-1 140
*LW : Link Wheels    *SBM : Social Bookmarking