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Link Baiting Service for Natural Link Building

Link baiting is the latest way to get natural links for your website, through our Link bating services you can get high volume of Natural Links for your website.

What is the link baiting service?

Link bating is nothing but it is source of encouraging people to link your website or blog. It is pure white hat technique. Some people say that it is black hat trick to get traffic due to the word BATING, but there is nothing like that. You can see that in search engines there are millions trillions of people in the race of getting TOP POSTION. Most of them donít concentrate on quality traffic they just want to traffic to website and finally they penalized by Google because they use black hat techniques for link creation in bulk. Google donít like the website that has bulk links but Google likes those websites which have quality links and especially natural links.

Professional SEOs knows this thing very well and they donít use any negative trick because they donít want to slap by Google. So if you want to make your website friendly to Google then you need to get natural links for your website even they are few, but that few links are 100 times better than other links.

Link bating is contain on the content which you have for your website because content is the king of any website and Google like unique and quality content websites. Onlineseocompany offers excellent services of link bating for your website. Our experts optimize your website and its content very deeply and then write high quality content for your website.

First: Our professional writers create genuine quality articles which relevant to customer site or product and then submit them on various article directories.

Secondly: We write sound able blog post about your service, product or website and then post them highly relevant websites or blogs.

Thirdly: social bookmarking is also include in link bating because in which we create link by our self and put quality information in it.

The links which you get thorough these resources are called LINK BATING. Our informative articles attract the customers and they click on the links which directly link them to your landing page.

Onlineseocompany provide quality services and you can see results in one year. You amazed to see the number of incoming natural links to your site and then Google increase your website PR in dramatically way.

Now the hot question is that, where that links comes from? Google, Msn, Yahoo, Altavista, Ask, Bing and etc are popular search engines and all these links comes from high quality websites where we submit our posts.

 The benefits of our Link Baiting services?

  • Our experts write high quality articles for your website according to your topic.

  • Our highly well trained 50 staff members submit your articles on high PR article websites and follow submission guidelines because it increase the chances of article approving.

  • We write fresh and unique blog posts for you according to the event and post in to relevant niches.

  • You get high volume of traffic to your site in very short time through our link bating services.

  • We optimize your full website including inner pages and home page.

  • Our link bating services get one way and quality link to your site in timely manner.

  • We do social bookmarking of every post.

 What will be the Procedure?

  • First we optimize your website including all pages and then write quality articles for your website which suits your websiteís nature most.

  • We write appealing blog posts for your website and submit them on relevant niches.

  • Before submission we send you articles and blog post so you can check them and after youíre satisfying we submit them.

  • We provide friendly environment to our customers so if you want to do some changes or modifications in our articles then we do it according to your requirements.

  • We post final article to the website if you give permission to access your website or blog.

  • Our services bring natural link to your site and it increases your search visibility in search engines.

We provide complete report of work to our clients for their satisfaction; we believe on communication and want to build long term relationship with each client. Thatís why we start online services for our clients. Contact us without hesitation we provide more information which you want.


  • Is your writers are qualified for content writing?
    A. we have team of professional writers and they are highly experienced in content writing, they write 100% unique and fresh content for you.

  • Is this content added on my website or blog?
    A. Itís simple just need to install Wordpress script blog in your site, suggestion of Wordpress blog is because itís friendly in all search engines. Just approve your content and it will be live on your blog site.

  • Can you post my articles on my blog?
    A. Yes we have a team of 30 members and they will post your articles on your Blog if you want and give access of your Blog.

  • How will my blog postings will link with social bookmarking sites?
    A. When we upload article on your blog at the same time we do social bookmarking of that Blog post.

  • I donít know about how to installed blog on my website, can you do it for me?
    A. Yes sure, our expert bloggers installed blog in your site without any charges.

  • If I need same blog look like my website then what you do? Can you do it for me?
    A. Yes we find matching blog script which will suitable for your site but it will charge to you 220$, installation free.

  • What if I want the look of the blog to be same as my website?
    A. We can match look of your blog similar like your site, this will cost you additional $250. You need to write to us at [email protected] .

  • How long your package works?
    A. Onlineseocompany package run for one month.

  • Month later can I revamp the package?
    A. Obviously you can revamp package after 1 month if you want. We will remind you after a month when your package nearby ending.

 Natural link bating services package

Check detailed comparison Check detailed explanation
Packages Name Blog Posts Total no. of Bookmarkings Duration (Days) No. of Reports Price Order
6 1001 (200 per Blog Post) 31
6 $248  
11 2001 (200 per Blog Post) 31
11 $448  
16 3001 (200 per Blog Post) 31
16 $648  
31 6001 (200 per Blog Post) 31
31 $1198  
*NLBS : Natural Link Baiting Service