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Contextual link Service

Reserve your position in S.E.R (Search Engine Ranking) by Contextual links

Search engines are just like a highway and you are driver who drive the car to get the goal. So if you well known with driving rules then it are better for you. Donít try to overtake someone from wrong side because it is harmful for you. Concentrate on your own way and change the gears when needed otherwise you will be penalized by TRAFFIC POLICE ;))

Contextual link service is nothing it is those links which you create on (body) content and theme relevant websites. It is the new and modern way to get quality backlinks for your website and it improve your website ranking in search engines. Onlineseocompany help you thorough its high quality Contextual link Service.

We have 5 years of experience in this area and we promote many websites through our services. We offer highly flexible services through our affordable Contextual link Service packages. You can select ant package which suits you and your needs most.

  Key features of contextual link service:

  • Onlineseocompany provide one way backlinks for your website through Contextual link Services.

  • We provide links from content relevant websites.

  • Our professional writers write 250 words articles for articles sites and and 250+ words blog posts for blogs.

  • For Hub Pages & Squidoo Lenses creation we write 500 words quality article.

  • Our staff members submit your articles on high PR websites; PR will differ from PR 1 to PR8.

  • We offer 3 to 4 links in each article.

  • We have a team of highly experienced SEO writers for article writing with an assurance that all article be approved I n all article directories including EZINE.

  • Good English writers for SEO are working in our team and they are assisted for this job as article writing so high quality link with highly competitive keyword.

  • Articles will contain 2 or 3 links.

  • We use multiple Class IPs for article submission for additional security.

  • We provide complete report of our work so you can check our work quality.

  • Submission of articles will be placed on high PR ( Page Rank) minimum PR 8 to 9.

  • Links will be permanent and no any subscription will be require further or any other payment for renew.

  • Packages are including with high 5 PR social bookmarking links for landing page.

  • For safety we use different VPN , for submission of articles.

  • Using of images and niche videos in your articles.

  • Do submissions on every site either its betting site or porn site.

  • After complete of the task you will get report in detail of contextual link service.

  • Our incomparable customer care centre services make us different from other companies, you can contact us through our email address, you can call us or you can do online query whenever you want.

  • We build depth links for the site through Contextual link Service.

  How Contextual link Service works?

  • Onlineseocompany services increase your website ranking and get your website on the top notch.

  • Contextual link Service is become favorite for SEOs due to its high quality results which you dreamed for.

  • We provide links from high PR websites and they must be relevant to your website.

  • When designate your package then you need to submit your website URL and keywords for which you want to be ranked, after getting order from you the experts start reviewing needs for the work, your key phrases and product which that you select. We optimize your website for your required keywords and promote your sites with relevant keywords.

  • In the second step we prepare the list of websites from we get links for your website. It include article websites, niche blogs, and 2.0 web properties.

  • In the third step we will create high quality content for your website. Our professional writers write genuine quality 250 words blog posts for niche blog submission, article site etc. We create lens in squidoo and hub pages and write fresh and unique 5 hundred word articles for your site.

  • Onlineseocompany Contextual link Service service boost your website ranking in dramatically way.

  • We provide free detailed report of our work after every submission.

  • Contextual link service is very helpful in getting faster results for your website and it is the best source of natural link building by provides natural and fresh content in your website.

  • When we submit articles then we concentrate on submission guidelines.

  • We add 2 to 3 anchor text links in every article and you can use any URL including your home page and inner pages of your website for depth links creation

  • No need to worry about site penalizing because we use very friendly guidelines according to search engines rules. So your website will be in safe hands.

  • Onlineseocompany services get your site on the sky.


  • 1. What is the difference between Onlineseocompany contextual link service and other companyís services?
    A. our work quality and hard working make us different from other companies. We provide one way permanent quality links to our clients for their websites. Our services make your website friendly to search engines. We do deep Contextual link Service for each page.

  • 2. is there any specific website can benefit by Onlineseocompany contextual link service?
    A. No any restriction about website nature, our contextual link services are available for any website include:
    ? New websites
    ? Niche websites
    ? Well designed websites
    ? Websites that have 0 PR
    ? Sites which have high competent keywords.

  • 3. Who will create my content?
    A. Our highly qualified writers write unique and fresh content for your website.

  • 4. Which kind of services you offer in your contextual link service package?
    A. Onlineseocompany offers high quality services in contextual link service package, including creation & addition of wealthy content. This submission include blog posts article submission, and creation of lenses in Squidoo also hub pages.

  • 5. On which type of websites you do submission?
    A. We submit articles only on high PR websites which have same taste like your websites because relevant content make your keywords more stronger in search engines. We submit your articles on following websites:
    ? High PR article websites
    ? Theme & Niche relevant blog
    ? Squidoo lenses
    ? Hub pages
    ? 2.0 Web properties

  • 6. Onlineseocompany do its submission manually or automatically by using submission tools?
    A. All our submission done manually by our staff of 30 members. We prefer manual submission because it is friendly to search engines.

  • 7. How I know that my articles has submitted and waiting for approving?
    A. After completing the task we prepare a report with details of each submission and send to you for link verification, you may check all links and get satisfy ITS OUR BELIEVE.

  • 8. You will write fresh content or copy from another side? Ho in know that the content you write for me is unique or not?
    A. Yes obviously, our highly proficient writers write 100% unprecedented and fresh content for you and you can check it through

  • 9. After completing the project if any link will broke then what you do? Will you replace it or not?
    A. Yes undoubtedly, we can assure you that we renewing links if they broken in under one year after completing the project and no any cost to you. Replacing of links 100% free id they broken in mentioned time period.

  • 10. Would your consumer care centre support the customers? How?
    A. Yes definitely, Onlineseocompany support centre provide 24 hours support to their customers by communicate with them in gentle way. We furnish friendly atmosphere to our customers and make them satisfy. You can contact us through our email, you can call us. The easy way is to contact is our 24 hours online chat support system.

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Package Name Duration (Days) Article
(In words)
No. of Backlinks Price Order
CLB-1 25
6000 66 $349  
CLB-2 40
12000 132 $649  
CLB-3 60
20500 228 $999  
*CLB : Contextual Link Building