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Blog Comment Service

Our Blog Commenting services provide huge opportunity to make possible presence of your website in searching engines; we will maintain your position through our quality services. Onlineseocompany offers monetizing services of Blog Comments for your websites. Blog Commenting is the best way to get high volume of traffic to websites.

Our Blog comment service include following features:

Comments play a vital role in optimizing your blog or website. We will engage the readers and get them involved in your website by using our authentic strategies. Blog comments are the lifeblood of a blog; Comments are what separates a blog from a static website. Our experts can search the web for authoritative blogs in your niche that allow do-follow commenting and we will share your mind there. We do our manually without using any black hat software.

We only provide approved links of blog commenting with theme related site of yours, all links will be DO FOLLOW and no OBL more then 50, so the links will be easily cache in Google.

Every comment which we submit has minimum 30 words include DO-FOLLOW attribution using unique anchor text and 100% relevant to the topic because relevant comments are easy to approve. We will submit short and meaningful comment which makes full sense.

We donít do blog commenting for making spam links, our team members are very well experienced and they know what to write on blogs to make it approved from moderator. They always write natural and niche comments to the blog so chances of getting approved is 95% and we include your websiteís link with our comments.

Onlineseocompany team knows very well about Blog Commenting and the tricks that can make any comment successful and approve. Our experts create comments with guarantee that all comments become approve any how. You will get two best benefits from our services:

Firstly: Get high quality backlinks for website because all links which you get must be Relevant and comes from Blogs that has same content as your website and it increase the chances to improve your website ranking because of Content matching of your website and blog.

Secondly: Blog comment links increase the number of chances to get high volume of unique visitors to your site, if the blogs are relevant to your website.

 Key Features

  • We offers best package of Blog Commenting in affordable rate..

  • We provide one way quality links and you gain huge benefit from our links.

  • Each comment contains on anchor text and your targeted keywords.

  • Our experienced team will do Blog commenting with assurance that 98% comments you get will approved.

  • We create links in only Google cached Blogs because it increase the chances of approving.

  • We only prefer selected blogs that must have high PR.

  • Many providers do blog commenting in black listed Blogs which allows anyone to comment.

  • Content is the king so as I will publish original and quality content, including targeted keywords, due to this step you will not only see your blog rise in the search engine but also hold positions.

ďAs Berkeley says, theyíre all crying out that they tell the truth, but few of them actually bother to put in the effort to really do it.Ē


  • 1. What are the plus points of Blog commenting? Is it effective to our business or just increase number of links?
    A. Blog commenting is very effective and useful for your business if it done in proper way. Google love Blogs and the links which you get through blog commenting but main objection are that links must be done manually. Our services provide you high quality links of Blog Commenting with guarantee that all links must be approved and do follow.

  • 2. Can you give an assurance about permanent links or just alive till few days?
    A. Yes obviously, we provide professional services with 100% assurance of link approving and all links must be do follow and permanent because it done by our experts. We build quality links on good PR sites because we know that each link is valuable for your site and its value will increase with timely manner as PR of that website improves.

  • 3. Are you able to write comment by yourself or you will ask me to provide and you just submit it?
    A. As we are professionals so we have a team of experts for Blog Commenting and they are highly qualified in this field. We engage readers to your website by making interesting comment. If you ask for us to send your given comment to websites then we will do, but normally we are able to write on any topic and make comment on any topic.

  • 4. You are expert in General Blog Commenting or just in Niche Blog Commenting?
    A. We are expert in both, it depends on the client that which kind of service he needs. It also depends on the website of client and its nature. We find relevant Blogs to your website which have good PR and make comments on it.

  • 5. Why we offer Blog commenting on just selected Blogs? While other companies offer unlimited Blog Comment services on various blogs.
    A. It is just because of our honesty and sincerity to our work and our customers; we donít want to break the trust of our clients by making happy them for few days. Thatís why we prefer manual submission on relevant blogs. Our aim through Blog Commenting is to increase your website ROI. Other providers do spam commenting on thousand blogs to making the client happy but when they check the links; all links will be broken and removed by blog owners. There are many black listed blogs on the web where everyone can build links but that links are useless for our website. Not just useless but due to those links you may slap by Google.

  • 6. Which kind of Blogs you use for link submission? Are they indexed by Google?
    A. We only use relevant and well established Blogs with high PR, we know the value of links to your website so we donít do just SUBMISSION but we do QUALITY SUBMISSION. All Blogs on which we make comment are Google indexed and cached. This is the plus point of our Blog Commenting services.

  • 7. Can you tell me the PR of Blogs on which you post comment?
    A. We select high quality Blogs for high quality submission; PR of blog that we select for commenting is starts from 2 to 6PR.

  • 8. How many comments you can post in one hour? And how long it is?
    A. We can post 4 to 6 comments in one hour with guarantee of good PR of website and with assurance that all comments will approve. One comment contains at least 25 to 30 words.

  • 9. Can I use multiple anchor texts in Blog Commenting?
    A. We offer multiple packages and each package have different benefits. So using of multiple anchor text will depend on which package you want to purchase, but providing quality services is our promise in every package. Minimum we allow five anchor texts.

Choose your Blog comment package and help your website get better rankings in the search engines.

  Seo Friendly Slow Blog comment Packages

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Packages Name Total no. of Comments Duration (Days) No. of Reports Price Order
50 15
1 $149  
100 30
2 $249  
200 60
4 $399  
300 90
6 $799  
400 120
8 $1099  
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