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OnlineSeoCompany - Testimonial

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From Stanislav ILiev
"I am working as an online marketing manager for 4 years and I have been using many 3rd party SEO and directory submitting services and I am glad that I found OnlineSeoCompany, because they are a long way ahead of their competitors. OnlineSeoCompany is delivering what they are promising and they are delivering on time. "

From -Bob Graham
Smartglobalcall.com | http://www.smartglobalcall.com
"I have used several of the SEO services offered by OnlineSeoCompany over the past couple of years. Most recently, I used their Blog Review and Social Bookmarking service. I have always been impressed with their services. They are efficient, responsive and professional. As a result, my website has achieved high ranks in Google for several keywords that are important for my business. For example, most recently I moved from the second page to the number 5 position on the first page for the keyword \"cheap international call\""

From -Jason Lomberg
"As an SEO professional, I understand the need for back links to the Websites that I optimize for high search engine rankings. Using OnlineSeoCompany\'s services I am able to generate thousands of back links via Directory Submissions, Article Submissions and even Social Bookmarking Submissions at a very reasonable cost to me. It would be almost impossible to accomplish this myself without the assistance of OnlineSeoCompany. I have used OnlineSeoCompany\'s Submission Services for about a dozen clients, all have been successful with one in particular gaining incredible Google rankings. I hired OnlineSeoCompany to help me gain thousands of back links for a personal website of mine, The Philadelphia Marketing Directory. The Philadelphia Marketing Directory is currently number one on Google for the following important keyword phrases (Philadelphia marketing, Philadelphia strategic marketing, Philadelphia marketing consultant, Philadelphia marketing services, Philadelphia marketing vendors, Philadelphia marketing products), The Philadelphia Marketing Directory is number two for the following phrases (Philadelphia marketing professionals, Philadelphia direct marketing, Philadelphia telemarketing)."

"I am very pleased that our site is ranked in Google\'s top 5 for our website, with the keywords :safe crib mattress, safe crib beds, chemical free crib mattress. I am happy with the results of this promotion and will recommend it highly. We have gotten much more directed traffic as a result. Thanks."

From -Peter
RareBricks.com | http://rarebricks.com
"Dear OnlineSeoCompany, I would like to thank you for the amazing work you do. I have tried different ways of submitting links to directories to increase my websites keyword ranking in Google including manual submissions, using Firefox plugins and other means. All have been extremely time consuming and, ultimately, not worth the effort. I tried your system for the first time and requested my website, RareBricks.com, to be submitted to a few hundred directories with the anchor text Rare LEGOs, along with a few variations. Now my website is #3 in Google's organic listings for those keywords! Thank you OnlineSeoCompany for helping me increase my conversions and bringing me many new visitors a day! Sincerely,"

"Hi Sir, I am a SEO/ SEM expert, and have been using OnlineSeoCompany services for the past 1 year - like Directory Submissions, Article Submissions and Social Bookmarking for my own website w and for all my clients as well. For the keyword SEO expert Mumbai, I rank #1 in Google for the past 4 months. Thank you - You are part of my success story. I used OnlineSeoCompany\'s Directory Submission Service and Article Submission Service. Some of my main keywords are on first page (Google, Yahoo, MSN) and my page rank has increased. I am very satisfied with your service. I recommend OnlineSeoCompany to all who are looking to promote seriously their websites on search engines. Thank you for your service."

"OnlineSeoCompany offered superior customer support and effective services by making my keyword \"vivo radio\" Number 1 in Google. Excellent experience and lots of visitors to my website every day!"

""OurExplorer is a tour guide booking portal that was launched in June 2008. With the help of OnlineSeoCompany we already rank an unbelievable second position in Yahoo for the main keyword - "Tour Guide" by Jan 2009 "

"Since using OnlineSeoCompany to improve our ranking for Anistock www.anistock.com, we have found them to be professional and cost-effective. We were thrilled when we started seeing improvements in our target keywords within a few weeks. We continue to use OnlineSeoCompany to promote Anistock and our other web brands. Regards"

"I have been trying to get some real position in the search engines for two years now. After trying the Article Submission and Social Bookmarking services with OnlineSeoCompany, I have finally gotten a position in page one for the keywords "cheap family cruises" in Google and Live Search and "cheap Caribbean cruises" in Live Search. All these have happened within just a very short time. I can now feel like I'm finally getting somewhere. Thank you OnlineSeoCompany!"

"Thanks to using your service we are on the second page of google for "free classifieds" keyword and "best free classifieds" we are #1. Thanks again and keep out good work! Thank you."

"The search terms we submitted to OnlineSeoCompany was "cheap paintball guns" and "discount paintball equipment". Cheap paintball guns is already #2 and discount paintball equipment is #1 in Google. Thank you."

"When I ordered the Gold Seo Link Building Package from OnlineSeoCompany, I was not sure it would make any difference to us since we already had a highly ranking webstore development website and felt we had done a decent job optimizing it ourselves. But recently, more competitors have come on the scene and I was getting that nagging feeling that professional SEO consultation could reveal some blind spots on our site to help us keep our competitive edge. I was amazed at the thorough job and also stunned by some of their revelations. The report uncovered a few serious issues that could be negatively affecting our web site's ranking that I had not even suspected. These included issues I already know can be a problem, but didn't realize they were happening to us! For anyone who is serious about marketing a web site or doing business online, OnlineSeoCompany delivers tremendous value for the price and I highly recommend their service. The Gold Seo Link Building Package from OnlineSeoCompany helped us become number 1 and is still building our pagerank, Keep it up guys! I will be back! Regards, and thanks again "

"I used OnlineSeoCompany's Directory Submission Service a few months ago. Since then, I have seen my traffic double, my revenue double and the site is ranked as number 1 in Yahoo.com's directory. For the keyword "diaper coupon", http://www.diaper-coupon.com ranks #1 on Yahoo and on page 5 in Google. I've so far used this service with 5 domains and I have seen all of them increase in traffic and rankings. I will use them again."

"I cannot thank OnlineSeoCompany enough for the edge that they have provided my site(s). I have a grocery price comparison website that tracks grocery prices in Australia over time to show users and members which online store is the best to purchase from for that week for over 70,000 products, and after using the services of OnlineSeoCompany, I now rank #1 in Google for not just one, but multiple relevant keywords, including "grocery prices", "supermarket comparison" and even some of the products such as "noble rise bread" are showing up in the top 2 search results. I also have multiple keywords appearing in second place on Google including "supermarket price comparison", "coles prices" and another product related keywords such as "centrum recharge". I was recommended by a trusted friend to try out your services, and I am grateful to them, and also to OnlineSeoCompany for your fantastic professional service that has certainly given me the edge."

"OnlineSeoCompany services really do work; we have quite a few websites and have used OnlineSeoCompany for all of them now. Our website www.carpet-cleaners-devon.co.uk really got off to a great start, we used a complete linking package with some extra directory submissions and we were extremely pleased to find that we went straight in at number 2 on Google for our major search phrase (carpet cleaning devon), we were even more astonished to find that all our other major keyword phrases were ranked at number 1, for example, rug cleaning devon, curtain cleaning devon, stain removal Devon, stain protection devon and the list goes on, another major benefit is that all our interior pages are ranked at 2 or 3 on Google as well, so we find ourselves being not just in the top 3 but we are the top 3. We have also tried their logo design service and can highly recommend that also."

"We have just launched our new website www.carpet-cleaning-somerset.co.uk and used OnlineSeoCompany for our link building etc., once again we have gone straight in on page 1 of Google for our major search terms, (carpet cleaning somerset and carpet cleaners somerset) in addition to this we have gone straight in at number 1 on Google for a few other major search terms, stain removal somerset, curtain cleaning somerset and rank number 2 for all the others. Success.....again. Thanks OnlineSeoCompany."

"OnlineSeoCompany support was fast and very helpful! Service was completed very quickly, and I have seen my presence on Google increase dramatically for a brand new website since using their service! I will definitely be using OnlineSeoCompany again in the near future! "

"I am often using OnlineSeoCompany for online promotion and SEO. One of my websites already get top ranking in Google , Thanks OnlineSeoCompany . Your services are Awesome ! Top ranking keywords: arsitek, bangun rumah, desain rumah, rumah, renovasi rumah"

"I would highly recommend OnlineSeoCompany to anyone looking to improve their online presence. After only two days from the launch of our website we were number one in Google for our brand term Projectors Direct, we have now launched another website called Servers Direct which should achieve a similar position shortly. We're currently working on more generic keywords which we're hoping to rank on Google page 1 within the next few weeks."

"The SEO services of OnlineSeoCompany have definitely improved my ranking on a number of key words and in several search engines for my websites url and url. By using their Directory Submission, Article Submission and the Guaranteed and Permanent Links to Directories services, I have achieved high rankings for the keywords 'Copper Bracelets' and 'Magnetic Bracelets' in Google UK, MSN UK and number one rankings in Yahoo UK. The services of OnlineSeoCompany are highly effective, many thanks to the team."

"Yeah, OnlineSeoCompany helped me big time, I'm currently number 2 on the first page for my main keyword term and have been there for the last 6 months because of OnlineSeoCompany as they are doing my backlink work, the professional way. I don't trust anyone else besides OnlineSeoCompany because they know just how important it is to be done correctly. "

"Durrants Removals has jumped up to page 2 on Google from a page 5 within 2 weeks of the article submission service that I received from OnlineSeoCompany. Thanks for the help in the optimization of such a competitive keyword."

"After using OnlineSeoCompany, my website www.shutter-pro.com went from page 10 or worse in the search engines to listings 2-5 on page 1 of Google, Yahoo and MSN. Other companies offered this service to me for $120 per month while OnlineSeoCompany did it for a one time fee of approximately $150 and the rankings have maintained their position 5 months later. The search words are "plantation shutters greenville" and "plantation shutters Greenville SC" and "plantation blinds Greenville". Thank You. "

"The search terms we submitted to OnlineSeoCompany was "Crossbow Wax" and "Crossbow Bolts". Crossbow Bolts is now #5, yet Crossbow Wax is Amazingly #1 in Google. Thank you, Thank You THANK YOU "

"just wanted to thank everyone at OnlineSeoCompany for their help and great work! Our site now has over 40 Page 1 Rankings on Google, at least as many on Yahoo and is #3 for our main search term "Maricopa County Jail" on Google and #1 for our second top search term "Maricopa County Probation" on Yahoo. Since we used your 600 Directory Submission Package our traffic has doubled, and we're just getting started with your services. Article Submissions are next! "

"We used the "Complete Link Building" offer and went from a newly registered site to a PR3 within one year!!! That is amazing work, OnlineSeoCompany. Traffic increased from under 10 per hour, to over 100 per hour. Great job, guys."

"We resell many of OnlineSeoCompany services in combination with our own SEO services. They have a great products are highly recommended for all internet marketers. We have seen dramatic improvements for our own and customers sites soon after using the products offered at SumitEdge.com. My site http://www.OnlineSeocompany.com is in Top 10 for keyword "Michigan Web Marketing" & http://www.OnlineSeocompany.com ranks at #1 position in Google for keywords like "Michigan Computer Repair" and "Computer Repair Michigan". After purchasing services from OnlineSeoCompany and other link building services I was in and at the top for my targeted key phrase. The traffic OnlineSeoCompany services has provided us the ability to hire another technician on our repair team. By building additional links with their service we were able to further penetrate the traffic flow from search engines."

"Quite simply, I get results when I use OnlineSeoCompany. Within weeks after I used their Directory Submission Service and their Social Bookmarking Service for the first time, I started seeing my Website climb up on the Search Engines. They really know what they are doing. Their prices are very reasonable and their customer service is excellent. The services offered by OnlineSeoCompany have become a critical part of my SEO efforts. My site currently ranks high for GBG, Liquid Vitamins, GBG MLM, MLM Liquid Vitamins & 10-in-ONE."

"I would like to Thank You for the wonderful job you have done for our website. When our website was created we had difficulty getting our pages indexed by Google and ranked very poorly in the search results. I contacted the designers of our site, and asked them what I could to get better search results. There response was that I would need to spend thousands of dollars on SEO to get in the top ten results. Anassociate referred me to your site, I purchased your directory submission service, social bookmarking package, and just recently your blog review service. Today, our site is listed number three in Google for the terms "Your Money Matters". We are all thrilled with the results and could not be any happier. Thank You,"

"As an internet marketing consultant and service provider, I have helped hundreds of people launch successful online businesses. The first time I hired OnlineSeoCompany to do some SEO for me I saw terrific results and saved myself dozens of hours! My website went from page 35 in Google to page 2 in a matter of weeks! I have personally used OnlineSeoCompany many times since then and I always recommend it to my clients."

"After using OnlineSeoCompany my website cheapdomainseller.com appeared from the third page in google to moving up to #1 position, using the terms "cheap domain seller". I've been very impressed with both the service and support from staff. This is the first time I've written a testimonial, I'm willing to have my name to this as I've beenextremly happy with each product I've purchased. Regards,"

"I built a fun site about home values and selling prices using a bunch of data and some algorithms i came up with... I just waned to see how OnlineSeoCompany's service's worked and didn't really have many plans for the site itself. Short story shorter... the site brings in more cpc income than any other site I have. Thanks OnlineSeoCompany! I settled for a mix of submissions which included: "300 Directory Submission Package, 125 Social Bookmarking Service, 200 Article Submission Service and DMOZ Listing". It had the desired effect, my Google PageRank doubled from 2/10 to 4/10. You can't get more proof than that. Thanks again for all your help."

"I used the article submission package for my website and after the initial stream of "article traffic" had died down, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the search engines had picked my site up and kept the momentum going. Thanks for the great service."

"Thank You guys, after just a few short months of using your services. My traffic ranking went from 10 million something down to a traffic rank of: 4,589,514 for Rawleigh.net .Your services are great."

"Since my website went through OnlineSeoCompany complete link building solution, my website traffic, links and rank have dramatically increased. At the time I paid for the service I used similar services for about the same price for a few of my other websites. Needless to say, none of the other services did more for my website than the high quality service I received from OnlineSeoCompany. I highly recommend OnlineSeoCompany to any website owner interested in promoting their website. I will continue to do business with them and always recommend their outstanding service to all my family and friends"

"OnlineSeoCompany has been an essential tool in the promotion and positioning of our site in a very competitive niche. Thanks."

"I'd just like to say that I appreciated your services greatly. It is so hard to search for good directories manually for someone running a business. It has helped not only my business connections but it also helped me to better my search engine visibility. I would recommend this service to any of my business associates as it truly is proven that it works"

"Great service fast, efficient and most importantly it does what it says on the tin improves your ranking."

"We used OnlineSeoCompany s services to enhance the profile of the site, build awareness and increase traffic. We were very impressed with OnlineSeoCompany speed, quality of service and all coupled with an amazingly low price. I could not fault OnlineSeoCompany and see their service as invaluable to the growth of OnlineSeoCompany.com. Kind regards,"

"I'd like to say that OnlineSeoCompany help my website to get pr 2 in three month. Thank you and Thank you very much!"

""I have used OnlineSeoCompany for my Fresno Web Design ( link that to www.OnlineSeocompany.com ) site and also some of my clients. Their system works.""

"My site wan't indexed for few weeks, but couple of days after I submitted Guaranteed Indexing, my site was indexed in few days! Exactly what it was said on the sales page."

"OnlineSeoCompany's link building service has really helped increase my traffic. I get hits from the directories almost every day, & the social bookmarking sites are taking notice of my site as well. And I haven't even starting getting hits from my article yet! Thanks OnlineSeoCompany! Sincerely,"

"I have tried out many submission services till date, but have to say yours is the best i have come across. You guys maintain great standards for quick and intuitive work! Keep it up..."

"Quite simply, I get results when I use OnlineSeoCompany. Within weeks after I used their Directory Submission Service and their Social Bookmarking Service for the first time, I started seeing my Website climb up on the Search Engines. They really know what they are doing. Their prices are very reasonable and their customer service is excellent. The services offered by OnlineSeoCompany have become a critical part of my SEO efforts."

"Our credit card processing site was lacking the promotion that is required to move ahead of the competition. A few months after using the service we experienced dramatic increases in traffic and business."

"We have been providing merchant accounts for 8 years before finding and using OnlineSeoCompany. We were so happy with their service and support that we have since then done 4 more projects with them. Thank you OnlineSeoCompany."

"After only 2 week s we were showing massive improvements in online orders and also our positioning in the Google Hungary search engine. We have now been link building with OnlineSeoCompany for over 12 months and dominate our local market for over 25 keyword term s. No one knows link marketing better then OnlineSeoCompany, they have proven time and time again that with very minimal input from myself they will always do what is best for my business and my site\'s rankings each and every month. If you want a company you can trust that will treat your site as if it were their own, then OnlineSeoCompany has the highest recommendation I can give."

"Thank You - I tested your services on a clients web site using the Complete Link Building Solution All in one Package - the results - over 100 Top 10 listings On Google in under 30 days for very competitive Real Estate Search Terms. The very quick results surprised me and I am sure alot must be credited to the SocialBookmarking links that the search engines found so quickly. I not only recommend your services but will be continuing to use them for all my other clients - keep up the excelent work. "

"OnlineSeoCompany is awsome!!! I have time to work on my websites, by having OnlineSeoCompany take care of my Atricles and link building and Blogs. All projects are finished on time , OnlineSeoCompany answers all of my questions promptly. I would recommend OnlineSeoCompany to anyone with a website. My links are growing everyday ,and my sales have increased www.OnlineSeocompany.com Thank You OnlineSeoCompany "

"I'd just like to say a big thank you to OnlineSeoCompany for providing such a swift and efficient service for directory submission. I have chosen the 750 package on 2 different domains that I own, and although only half complete at the moment I have seen the amount of enquiries that I receive drastically improve."

"I used most of OnlineSeoCompany services and all of them helped my website ranking extremely well. Customer service was and is EXCELLENT!"

"Within just two weeks of my order with OnlineSeoCompany my site has moved from page five (Google) on my most common search terms to page one and your work is not even complete yet... Truly amazing, makes me smile to see those sites that PPC when OnlineSeoCompany managed to make my site page one at a fraction of the cost of one days PPC rates."

"OnlineSeoCompany had written for me an article and submitted it to 100 article directories. Although it took about a week to get the article done, its quality was very good. Since then, I noticed that my site gets gradually more and more organic traffic due to improved positioning in search engines, and that means more money for me! "

""My site increase in rankings from no11 on Google to no5 after doing one run of Directory Links with OnlineSeoCompany. This really works. I now refer this to all my clients."

"I am very much impressed by the Technical Expertise and Professionalism of your staff. Your services have been used by us for various areas including Articles & Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking etc. Currently, I am ready to order yournew Blog Review service. Keep up the great job. Thanks & Regards "

"Thanks for the submissions delivered for our website! Your reports make it easy to follow what we are getting for our money. It is nice to know someone is looking out for our interests with quality directory submission services"

"I'm new to SEO and wasn't sure how much value I'd get from hiring a company to submit my site. I purchased your Complete Link Building Solution All-in-One Package and couldn't be happier with the results. Without any other promotion, my site is now bringing in a steady income every month. Thank you, OnlineSeoCompany!"

"Site Submitted www.webspassage.com I ordered 100 submissions and am very happy with the results and pricing, Submissions were being approved right away and pricing cant be beaten."

"The submissions were quick and efficient and are now turning into Accepted submissions. It saved me a lot of time."

"I have opted for the "500 Directory submission" package. The staff was excellent in resolving all my queries - I had my own concerns about my site been submitted by automated processes, but they did a good job by submitting my site manually and in a few weeks I could see the number of back links have increased for my site. Good Job."

"Thank you for offering your great service."

"I'd just like to say that I appreciated your services greatly. It is so hard to search for good directories manually for someone running a business. It has helped not only my business connections but it also helped me to better my search engine visibility. I would recommend this service to any of my business associates as it truly is proven that it works."

"We are pleased that you were able to get our website into many additional directories and, most importantly, underthe best available category. Thank you very much."

"Thank you for great service. I've bought one of your Submission Service package and I must say you submited my website faster than written and in real PR4 and PR5 directories. And I would also like to thank you for article submitter. I didn't even know there were so many article websites."

"I don't give testimonials often so when I do you know the product must be great. You guys at OnlineSeoCompany have completely exceeded my expectations. I can definately say that using your services is something 'll do each and every time I want my website to rank well." Thanks, and keep up the great work!"

"We'd just like to say a big thank you to OnlineSeoCompany for providing such a swift and efficient service for directory submission. Virtually all of the 600 directories submitted to have responded positively with good seo accepted links back to our website."

"Last year use OnlineSeoCompany to write a press release for submission as part of our SEO package. The press realease was related to the new personalized CDs we offer on our site. We were impressed with OnlineSeoCompany professionalism and how willing they were to revise the press release until we were happy. Needless to say we are satisfied as we are in the #1 position for the top selling CD from the personalized collections."

"As an internet marketing consultant I have been using OnlineSeoCompany link building services to have many of my client's sites rank high on Google. The following website(www.OnlineSeocompany.com) is ranking 1st and 2nd under the term "divorce mediation bronx" and my client has seen his business more than double. Thank you OnlineSeoCompany for providing such a great service that gets results period."

"Last year I used OnlineSeoCompany to write a press release for submission as part of our SEO package. The press release was related to the new personalized CDs we offer on our site. We were impressed with OnlineSeoCompany\'s professionalism and how willing they were to revise the press release until we were happy. Needless to say we are satisfied as we are in the #1 position for the top selling CD from the personalized collections. Thanks"

"We resell many of OnlineSeoCompany's services in combination with our own SEO services. They have a great products are highly recommended for all internet marketers. We have seen dramatic improvements for our own and customers sites soon after using the products offered at OnlineSeoCompany.com. We rank on first page for Michigan Web Marketing"

"After purchasing services from OnlineSeoCompany and other link building services I was in and at the top for my targeted key phrase. Proper SEO and link building is key to a websites long term success! My site ranks #1 in google for search njoy coupon code."

"The traffic OnlineSeoCompany's services has provided us the ability to hire another technician on our repair team. By building additional links with their service we were able to further penetrate the traffic flow from search engines. (#1 for Michigan Computer Repair and Computer Repair Michigan as well as many other keywords)"

"First of all I would like to say a large "thank you" to you guys at OnlineSeoCompany. In this day and age of extreme search engine competitiveness you need a reliable, fast and efficient system of submission to the major search engines to ensure your websites capture those lucrative top search engine rankings. That is exactly what the Sunmitedge directory submission service has achieved for me. My website http://www.OnlineSeocompany.com has gone from virtual obscurity to number 1# rankings for a series of chosen keywords and the incoming traffic rush is phenomenal. OnlineSeoCompany succeeds where other submission services fall short of the mark. Kind regards"

"After contacting OnlineSeoCompany to supply my website with back links within weeks my page ranking dramatically improved to page 1. My url is www.OnlineSeocompany.co.uk. Key words limousine hire manchester. "

""OnlineSeoCompany provides great value‚?¶ they know what they're doing in the SEO world, fast in processing my orders, and they're very competitively priced. And, they helped keep my site at the top of the search engines ‚?¶ who could ask for more." Site is number one on Yahoo for: Park City UT Real Estate, Park City MLS, Park City Utah Vacation Homes For Sale. (It's on the front page of Google and Yahoo for a number of other terms.) Thanks for the great service."

"I found OnlineSeoCompany a good time ago and just used there service as a test well I quickly found out there great I used them to get my site ranked number one for 'Free Cheat Codes' and you can know as for a video game cheat code site this is great... Thanks OnlineSeoCompany! "

"Thank you OnlineSeoCompany-team!!! Our Rankings for www.OnlineSeocompany.com with our keywords: 'promotional items, promotional products, corporate gifts' and www.OnlineSeocompany.com 'Werbeartikel, Werbemittel, Werbegeschenke' have improved significantly within just three month. Good job!!! I created newcastle signs from scratch, brand new domain. The only search engine work was the efforts of OnlineSeoCompany, the site went from not ranking to being 1st for 'newcastle signs'. I have used OnlineSeoCompany for other sites we have built and found the results to be very good. Thank you."

"My search engine optimization website made it to the first page of Google for the search term "search engine optimization orlando" after I switched to using OnlineSeocompany.com. Thanks, OnlineSeoCompany.com."

"OnlineSeoCompany's services has one of the highest ROIs available anywhere. My site now ranks on the first page of Google for over nine different keywords. It's hard to argue with those results."

"I ordered a 5 blog review order from OnlineSeoCompany on 2/28/08. Although some keywords were already top ten, I wasn't prepared some time later for "train horn kits" to hit number 1 on Google, Yahoo and MSN simultaneoulsy! A couple lower ranking keywords like "boat horns" and "air horns" are now top ten on Yahoo. My company www.OnlineSeocompany.org is the beneficiary. I would recommend OnlineSeoCompany as they offer a wonderful service at a very fair price."

"I was starting a new site for a client and after getting it up and running I used your services to bolster their placement. Within 6 months, we have moved up to a PR 1 and rank #2 on Google for Illinois home integration. The number one entry is not even a company, so in effect, we are #1. Thank you and I look forward to our continuing our business relationship for many years! Sincerely,"

"Since I started using the services of OnlineSeoCompany our website Mastercleanuk.biz is now ranking #1 on Yahoo.com for 2 of it's most important keyword phrases, 'carpet cleaning services Devon', 'carpet cleaning services Exeter'. We are also #1 on Google for 2 other very important keyword phrases, 'upholstery cleaning Devon' and 'upholstery cleaning Exeter'. The social bookmarking service is great, 2 of our recognized Google back links were created this way. "

"Before using OnlineSeoCompany my site was in the middle of the road and it was only getting about 8 ‚?? 9 unique visitors a day and on some days the traffic will be as low as 2 ‚?? 3 visitors per day. Now my daily average is 173 unique hits and 304 page loads and the numbers are increasing every month. If you've got a new site or an existing site that is struggling in terms of visitor traffic, do your self a favor and get OnlineSeoCompany to work its magic on your website. I'm ranking on page 1 of Google for following keywords british online, syndicate system, british lottery online syndicate system, chance lotto uk winning euro millions winnings, lotto system uk, british global online lottery, europe lottery system, euro millions lotto numbers, global lotto system, home lottery national office uk, home lotto uk, lotto official uk, the british online lottery, agency euro lottery millions, british online lottery, e international lottery world, euro gaming lottery play uk, euro lottery millions, euro millions uk, lotto uk homepage, lottery syndicate system, the e lottery syndicate system."

"We would highly recommend using OnlineSeoCompany for increasing your traffic very fast. Our website http://www.cheap-logo-design.co.uk now ranks # 1 in Google for the keywords, 'cheap logo design'. Many thanks for your service. "

"We noticed an immediate response and many new web enquiries after using OnlineSeoCompany for website promotion. Our website http://www.OnlineSeoCompany.co.uk now features high on many brochure design related keywords and is #1 in Google for the keyword phrase, 'brochure and magazine Design'. We will be using their services further in future. "

"We are very impressed with your fast and efficient service. http://www.OnlineSeoCompany.co.uk had an increase of almost 200% traffic very soon after using OnlineSeoCompany and it has secured the first position in Google for ‚??A6 flyer design and print‚?Ě. "

"I get quick results when I use OnlineSeoCompany. Within weeks after I used their Directory Submission Service, Blog Review Service, Search Engine Submission Service, and their Social Bookmarking Service, I started seeing my website climb up on the Search Engines. After using OnlineSeoCompany, my website http://www.OnlineSeoCompany.net moved up from the 9th page in Google to 2nd position for the term, ‚??Health Information Encyclopedia‚?Ě. This is a very valuable keyword in the health industry. And - Health Medicine Information too has secured 2nd position in Google. I would like to Thank You for the wonderful job you have done for my website."

"My site www.OnlineSeoCompany.com ranks #1 for the following keywords limpieza de mueble and lavado de mueble. Regards,"

""I have used various services from OnlineSeoCompany.com and have found them both helpful and professional, with their help and guidance I now appear on page one for most of my chosen keywords and have seen sales increase dramatically because of this" "

"OnlineSeoCompany.com is the only place I go to help build my rankings. Their service is fast, friendly, and I always have fantastic results. Because of their services, my website is now in the top 10 in MSN, Yahoo, and Google for a very competitive search. My website is ranking #1 in MSN. Now my site is getting loads of traffic and our sales level has increased greatly. Thanks so much for a fantastic service. Keep up the good work."

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